For Success with AI, Bring Everyone On Board

Admin / May 8, 2024

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AI is intimidating employees. As machines perform intellectually demanding tasks that were previously reserved for human workers, people feel more excluded and less necessary than ever.
 The problem is only getting worse. Eighty percent of organizations say their main technological goal is hyperautomation—or the complete end-to-end automation of as many business processes as possible. Executives often pursue that goal without feedback from employees—the people whose jobs, and lives, will feel the greatest impact from automation.
In this article the author examines what keeps leaders from involving rank-and-file employees in AI projects, how they should model inclusive behavior, and what organizations must do to develop employee-inclusive AI practices.
Those practices will make companies more likely to improve long-term performance—and to keep their employees happy, productive, and engaged.
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by David De Cremer