Discovering Where ChatGPT Can Create Value for Your Company

Admin / May 8, 2024

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Although the speed, scale, and scope of ChatGPT’s impact may be unique, the underlying phenomenon — an emerging technology transforming vast parts of business and society — is not.
But harnessing the power of emerging technology requires a new approach. 
Unlike traditional methods for innovation, such as design thinking, ChatGPT poses a fundamentally different challenge because there are no clear problems to address, user pain points to alleviate, or KPIs to achieve.

In fact, ChatGPT can seemingly solve problems in almost any industry, domain, or context. Using it, therefore, requires a different skill: emergent thinking, which involves generating ideas for innovation without fully understanding the problem that needs to be solved.close
Credits: HBR
by Johnathan R. Cromwell, Jean-François Harvey, Jennifer Haase, and Heidi K. Gardner