Don’t Let Gen AI Limit Your Team’s Creativity

Admin / May 8, 2024

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No one doubts ChatGPT’s ability to generate lots of ideas.
But are those ideas any good?
A recent real-world experiment showed that teams engaged in a creative problem-solving task saw only modest gains from AI assistance for the most part—and some underperformed.
Surveys conducted before and after the exercise showed that the teams using AI gained far more confidence in their problem-solving abilities than the others did, but that much of their confidence was misplaced.
But don’t blame the technology, says Kian Gohar, CEO of the leadership-development firm GeoLab and one of the study’s authors.
“Brainstorming with generative AI requires rethinking your ideation workflow and learning new skills,” Gohar says.
This article offers guidance for approaching the exercise as a structured, ongoing conversation, opening up a staggering capacity to develop better and more-creative ideas faster.
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