Is Your Job AI Resilient?

Admin / May 8, 2024

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Leading Wall Street research firm Evercore ISI, in collaboration with venture studio Visionary Future, embarked on a comprehensive study to understand the profound effects of Generative AI on businesses, the broader economy, and its integration into future workforces.
They conducted an in-depth analysis of over 160 million jobs in order to produce analytical insight to help leaders navigate this change. With AI’s influence, their projections suggest a potential resurgence in global GDP growth, envisioning a substantial boost to the global economy by 2032.
 The authors predict that AI will emerge not merely as a technological marvel, but as a beacon of hope in addressing demographic and productivity challenges.
This article covers analysis on which jobs will be most affected by AI, including which stand to benefit the most from augmentation by AI.

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by David L. Shrier, Julian Emanuel, and Marc Harris