Is Your Mindset About Generative AI Limiting Your Professional Growth?

Liam / May 17, 2024

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Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has garnered immense publicity over the past few months. Some believe it’s a passing fad or a threat to human creativity.
For young professionals, it’s the source of a unique dilemma:
Do you “buy into the hype” of AI and use it as a guidepost for your professional development and ambitions?
Or do you stick to the beaten path, focusing on building more traditional skills and pursuing more conventional trajectories? History has shown us that you can gain a competitive advantage if you develop a balanced perspective about new technologies (like we saw with the internet).
For instance, if you think LLMs are overhyped and underperforming, it’s probably not because of what you use them for, but because of how you use them. GenAI is certainly not a panacea, and shouldn’t be blindly trusted or relied on — but equally importantly, it shouldn’t be feared or avoided based on limiting beliefs.

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by Tom Popomaronis