Leading in a World Where AI Wields Power of Its Own

Admin / May 8, 2024

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AI has been subtly influencing us for years, but a new generation of vastly more capable technology is now emerging. These systems, the authors write, aren’t just tools. They’re actors that increasingly will be behaving autonomously, making consequential decisions, and shaping social and economic outcomes.
No longer in the background of our lives, they now interact directly with us, and their outputs can be strikingly humanlike and seemingly all-knowing. They are capable of exceeding human benchmarks at everything from language understanding to coding. And these advances, driven by material breakthroughs in areas such as large language models (LLMs) and machine learning, are happening so quickly that they are confounding even their own creators.
For all the wizardry and seductions of these new systems, however, our future can still be in our own hands. In this article the authors offer guidance for managing their effects in the workplace, looking for increased value in that which is uniquely human, and aligning messaging and business practices with a changing, and challenging, debate.
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by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms