Navigating Generative AI as an Older Worker

Admin / May 8, 2024

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Generative AI has revolutionized the professional landscape. McKinsey’s recent findings suggest that by 2030, 30% of tasks across the U.S. economy might be automated, up from 21% before generative AI. But what does this mean for those senior professionals who have dedicated decades to developing skills in a specific field?
A study from the impact of AI on the future of workforces in the European Union and U.S. explains that older workers are most exposed to AI, because AI performs tasks that belong to those jobs involving high levels of education and accumulated experience. This technology is promising but potentially intimidating, especially to those who have yet to work immersed in technology.
But senior professionals without tech skills can still navigate and excel in this AI-driven world. AI isn’t here to replace but to augment. You can use it to leverage your expertise, gain deeper insights, and offer a unique perspective that only years of experience can bring. AI might be powerful, but it cannot replicate or truly understand all the experience you have gained over years of firsthand encounters and interactions.
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by Nahia Orduña