Podcast: You Need a Generative AI Strategy

Admin / May 8, 2024

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The competitive risks and tradeoffs you should consider before incorporating Gen AI into your organization’s strategy.

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ChatGPT dominated news headlines in 2023. But generative AI isn’t just a hack to boost productivity. Many businesses are exploring its potential to create new products and services, which requires entirely new strategic work.
In this episode, HBR’s editor in chief, Adi Ignatius, speaks to Microsoft’s head of strategy Chris Young and Harvard Business School professor Andy Wu, an expert in growth and innovation strategy. They lay out Gen-AI’s emerging value chains and break down the competitive risks and tradeoffs that businesses should consider as they experiment with this new technology.
This is the first episode in a special series highlighting the four best strategy episodes of 2023, curated from across Harvard Business Review’s podcasts.
Key episode topics include: strategy, leadership, AI and machine learning, automation, technology and analytics, disruptive innovation, digital transformation.
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