To Succeed with AI, Adopt a Beginner’s Mindset

Admin / May 8, 2024

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Times of substantial tech progress and change, like the current AI revolution, create fear and anxiety. This often causes leaders to fall back on their ego and emphasize their expertise, closing their minds and negatively impacting their people and organizations.
Instead, leaders need to take on a beginner’s mindset of openness and curiosity. This is not easy. The more experienced we are, the more locked-in we tend to become in our ways of thinking and doing things. But it is possible, and with employee stress at record highs, it’s necessary.
And research shows that the openness that comes with a beginner’s mindset is a crucial factor in achieving better outcomes.
There are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to gauge your leadership style and whether you have a beginner’s mindset.
Every day, fears about artificial intelligence (AI) run through the news cycle: Jobs will be eliminated, intellectual property misused, personal data compromised, or biases propagated.
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by Jacqueline Carter, Marissa Afton, and Paula Kelley