Turn Generative AI from an Existential Threat into a Competitive Advantage

Admin / May 8, 2024

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By making it vastly easier and cheaper to improve or create products and services that previously required significant human labor and creativity, generative AI has the potential to disrupt or even commoditize many businesses.
Some companies will be able to gain an edge by leveraging publicly available generative AI tools better or faster than their competitors. But that advantage will be only temporary, and using the tools will soon become table stakes.
This means established companies will have to rethink their business strategies and find new ways to add value to their offerings. In this article, the authors consider which types of businesses have the greatest potential to gain competitive advantage from generative AI and which are most likely to be disrupted. They also offer guidance for implementing AI across three levels of sophistication that correspond to an increasingly powerful advantage.
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by Scott Cook, Andrei Hagiu, and Julian Wright