What Roles Could Generative AI Play on Your Team?

Admin / May 8, 2024

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The recent advances in ChatGPT are merely the first application of new AI technologies.

As such, companies and leaders need to think about the various applications outlined here and use the framework described in the article to develop applications for your own company or organization.
In the process, they will discover new types of GPTs.
By classifying these different GPTs in terms of potential value to businesses and the cost of developing them, applications that begin with a single human initiating or participating in the interaction (GroupGPT, CoachGPT) will probably be the easiest to build and should generate substantial business value, making them the perfect initial candidates.
In contrast, applications with interactions involving multiple entities or those initiated by machines (AutoGPT, BossGPT, and ImperialGPT) may be harder to implement, with trickier ethical and legal implications.
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by Misiek Piskorski and Amit Joshi