4 Types of Gen AI Risk and How to Mitigate Them

Liam / May 31, 2024

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Many organizations are understandably hesitant to adopt gen AI applications, citing concerns about privacy and security threats, copyright infringement, the possibility of bias and discrimination in its outputs, and other hazards. Risk around using gen AI can be classified based on two factors: intent and usage. Accidental misapplication of gen AI is different from deliberate malpractices (intent). Similarly, using gen AI tools to create content is differentiated from consuming content that other parties may have created with gen AI (usage). To mitigate the risk of gen AI content misuse and misapplication, organizations need to develop the capabilities to detect, identify, and prevent the spread of such potentially misleading content.

According to a poll of 2,500 executives by Gartner last spring, approximately 70% of respondents reported that their organizations are exploring how to integrate generative AI into their organizations, and the global AI adoption rates have been reported to be higher in every surveyed region, according to the recently published Stanford AI Index Report.

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by Öykü Isik, Amit Joshi, and Lazaros Goutas